2 Teens face manslaughter in sign spinner's death

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GLENDALE, Ariz. – Two teens are facing manslaughter charges after a pedestrian was hit by a car in Glendale Wednesday morning.

Glendale police said a small white car with two occupants of high school age was northbound on 59th Avenue when it crossed over into southbound traffic near Northern Avenue.

The car went up on a sidewalk and struck a sign spinner employed by an apartment complex.

The car flipped over and the two occupants were taken to local hospitals with non life-threatening injuries.

The pedestrian was taken to a local hospital and died on Thursday. He has been identified as Aaron Monk, 38.

Police said Thursday that a street race may be to blame for the accident.

On Friday, police said the investigation revealed that a second vehicle was involved in the incident. The two 17-year-old male drivers have been arrested and are charged with manslaughter.

Investigators said reckless driving involving speed and unsafe lane changes were factors in the incident. The investigation is ongoing and detectives are looking at all possibilities as to the cause of the accident.