Arizona food prices continue to rise

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PHOENIX - Arizonans' grocery store bills continue to rise, fueled by higher gas prices and energy costs.
The Arizona Farm Bureau surveyed the top items at 13 grocery stores statewide and found price increases for almost all of the staples.
The Bureau reports:
-Shredded cheese increased  62 cents to $4.99 a pound. 
-Sirloin roast is up 54 cents to $5.57 a pound.
-Boneless chicken rose 47 cents to $3.70 a pound;.
-Vegetable oil (a 32-oz bottle) is up 46 cents to $2.69.
-Milk is up 45 cents to $2.49 a gallon.
The prices of cereal, potatoes, eggs, deli meats, and orange juice are also up significantly in 2011.
On the other hand, the prices of ground chuck, flour, and white bread dropped a bit.
The Farm Bureau recommends buying in bulk, looking for sales and seasonal vegetables, and planning meals to keep costs low.   Their website  has additional tips and tools for families.