Golden Grain Grinder not so golden

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PHOENIX – Daxa Desai likes to cook and, being from India, she finds herself grinding a lot of ingredients.

"Most of my cooking requires a lot of flour for cooking," she says.

For years, Daxa has used a small, simple coffee grinder to get things done but it takes a long time so when her husband, Narendra, was on the Internet and came across a company called Golden Grain Grinder, he thought cooking would be a little easier for his wife.

He ordered the industrial-sized grinder. Narendra says, "So, I said, well, rather than getting a small one and grinding for an hour or hour and a half, this might be the way to go."

Narendra used his credit card and paid $565 for the grinder but that was an entire year ago and Golden Grain Grinder has never mailed him the product.

Even though Narenda calls Golden Grain Grinder, he says they keep putting him off.

"Same story goes on from every time I call. Like every month I call," he says.

3 On Your Side got involved and I tried not only calling but also writing Golden Grain Grinder headquartered in Idaho.

Despite numerous tries, not one person ever called me back. Not surprisingly, I did find out Golden Grain Grinder has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau.

For Nerandra and his wife, it's a hard lesson and they claim they won't use the Internet to buy anything again.
Daxa says, "Right, I don't think I want to order from the Internet. I'd rather go to the store and see myself and then buy."

I tried disputing the charge with Nerandra's credit card company but they refused to reverse the charge saying it had been much longer than 60 days.

That is also important for consumers to remember. Always use your credit card to order off the Internet because you can always dispute the charge and get your money back if a product or service is not delivered.

However, most credit card companies require you to dispute the charge within 60 to 90 days. Anything disputed after that, and consumers will be on the hook for the amount.