Pet of the Day - Daisy

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#692629 – 1.5 Years Old – Shar Pei Mix – Female

Daisy loves leaning into hugs and performing tricks for belly rubs!  As a current student in Canine College, Daisy is doing a phenomenal job grasping basic obedience commands and proving herself to be an ideal companion!  Abandoned when her owner moved away, Daisy was lucky to say the least when a kind neighbor discovered her and saved her from hunger, heat, and imminent danger.  Despite being fantastic with other dogs, extremely well-behaved and incredibly affectionate, poor Daisy has been waiting to secure a brighter future since the beginning of April.  Won’t you put an end to her long wait?  Daisy promises to repay your kindness with a lifetime of love of velvety-soft Shar Pei hugs!