Medical marijuana rally at state capitol; Grand Canyon mining ban extended

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PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Medical marijuana supporters held a rally at the State Capitol Monday for patients rights.

Some of them say, Proposition 203 was approved by the voters and legalizes medical marijuana.  But patients can't get it now because of a recent lawsuit filed by Governor Jan Brewer over whether the state law goes against federal law.

While the legal issues are being worked out, patients say they need help now.

"The people that really need it can't get it right now, the people that are sick, the elderly, they need access to medicine,"

The health department has also stopped processing applications for medical marijuana dispensaries to open, until a federal judge decides on the lawsuit.


PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Potental environmental hazards Monday prompted the U.S. Interior Department to extend a temportary ban on uranium mining near the Grand Canyon.

Secretary Ken Salazar supports making it a 20-year ban. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer opposes the move, claiming uranium mining can be conducted safely and securely.