Some Monument evacuees learn condition of homes

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SIERRA VISTA, Ariz. -- Monday, many Monument Fire evacuees waited to learn whether their homes and the belongings they left inside, were still intact.

Many residents have been evacuated from their homes for one week now. Some say they left in such a rush, they forgot things like medications and pets.

"I'm scared to find my cats, dead, lying on the ground because they couldn't get water," said evacuee Crystal Redd.

Crystal Redd quickly left her home one week ago thinking she'd be back in couple days.

"I wasn't able to get any of my daughters clothes, so she's been living in one pair of clothes for a week now," said Redd.

Anxious to check up on their homes, evacuees like Crystal wait for the go ahead from law officers.

They must give their names and tell the officers what they need from home, then wait to be escorted beyond the roadblocks.

"Trying to get back to the house to get some pills, shut the pool off," said evacuee Douglas Thuma.

Douglas Thuma takes 14 pills a day for high blood pressure.  Now he's running low and says without his medication he may very well die.

As Douglas' family prepares to be escorted home for a 10 to 15 minute trip, other evacuees return from their quick look.

"It looks pretty bad, ya know.  There's places like Ricardo's where we always use to go on Thursdays and Fridays for Mexican dinners that are just unbelievable, and Ricardo's is gone," said evacuee Jay Sanger.

Luckily for Sanger, the flames didn't destroy his home.

"Right now I'm probably one of the happiest people on this planet.  I built my home.  It took me three years to build it and I can tell you it's a part of me," said Sanger.

But many others are still waiting to see if their homes made it.

"It's very hard because your whole life is in your home," said Redd.

There is word that residents of Ash and Stump Canyon who have been told their property was damaged, can now view their homes. They must call the Cochise County Sheriff's Department and make an appointment then a deputy will escort them past the road blocks.