Mall walkers getting exercise indoors during hot summer months

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PHOENIX - The temperatures are in the 100s and they are here to stay! If you are one of those who like to get out of the house to exercise, but you don’t want to have to brave the heat to do it, Westcor Malls around the Valley have got you covered, literally!

They are ready for droves of so called, Mall Walkers, folks who take to the malls before dawn to get brisk walks, power laps or a full power workout all inside of the air conditioned walls of the Valleys different shopping centers.

Mall Walking regulars were getting in their workout at Paradise Valley Mall as early as 5:30 Monday morning. Folks describe the hitting the malls to work out as simply, visiting another community.

“You meet new people," said Elizabeth Matney, a regular mall walker. "You wave. You see the same people you see on your route just as you would if you were in an actual community.”

A couple of trips around the inside perimeter of Paradise Valley Mall equals about 2 miles.

Every day, Stroller Strides, a huge group of new and expectant mothers gather at the different malls around the Valley to burn some serious calories.

“We burn anywhere from 400-600 calories during our 1-hour workout here each day,” said Suzy Stenehjem, the owner of  Stroller Strides.

Most Westcor Malls open their doors around 6 a.m. to Mall Walkers, 4 hours before the shoppers get there. Of course, after you workout, you are welcome to shop ‘til you drop.

To find out about the hours of the Westcor Mall near you, call 602-996-8846. To find out about Stroller Strides, log onto