Valley do-gooder and coach facing deportation

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PHOENIX- A volunteer coach who came to Arizona undocumented when he was 15-years-old is facing deportation, decades later.

Miguel Aparicio has spent the past 23 years coaching student athletes around the Valley, even helping put a lot of them through college. 

However, he was dismissed from the job almost two years ago, after he was pulled over for running a stop sign, then detained in a deportation facility. 

"I don't know what I would do in Mexico," he said. "I have been here for so long, I don't even really know Mexico."

Friday, dozens of people from the community showed up at the ICE building in downtown Phoenix in support of Aparicio. 

"They're my family," he said. 

But federal officials ruled that Aparicio has until midnight to voluntarily leave the United States, or an order of deportation will be issued for him. 

"I am going to think about it, and whatever my decision is, I hope they support me," he said. 

Aparicio's lawyer said there are several legal options he can take if an order is issued. 

He had argued that Aparicio was brought here as a juvenile, and therefore didn't know he was breaking the law.  However, the government said that Aparicio had ample time over the past 23 years to try to become a legal citizen.