Summerhaven feeling pinch of forest closure

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Seven days after federal officials closed the Coronado National Forest businesses on Mt. Lemmon are already starting to feel the pinch.

The only spot you can stop and take pictures on the way to Mt. Lemmon is Summerhaven, where business is creeping along following last Thursday's forest closure.

"Business has been pretty slow just because of the closure of all the trail heads, camping grounds, everything like that," said Garrett Barnella from the The Cookie Cabin.

Summerhaven looks green compared to other spots on the way up the mountain.

But the skyline of the small mountain town shows just how dry things are and vulnerable it really is.

"People have been trying to come up still which is great, but other than that people still think the mountain is closed and it's been tough on the businesses," said Barnella.

Customers used to be lined up out the door, non stop, but no longer.

"But now that they think the mountain is closed, it's been rough,"

"People have been misled that they think everything is completely closed that's why we need the help of the media just to get it out that they can still come out," said Barnella.

The shop used to close around 5, but now 2 has become the new norm. But sometime soon, they hope things return to the old norm.