Guerena attorney addresses released SWAT documents

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Since accusing the Pima County SWAT team of misconduct in the shooting death of Jose Guerena the lawyer representing his family has been quiet.

Finally, attorney Christopher Scileppi offers reaction to the release of pages and pages of records, audio and video of the May 5 incident.

"We were silent for a while, we were doing our investigation and we're very pleased thus far with the results of what our investigation is showing,"

Earlier this week, the Pima County attorney's office cleared the five members of the Pima County SWAT team who took part in the raid, ruling they broke no laws.

Scileppi believes the report was biased.

"They work with the sheriff's all the time.  They have an interest in the outcome of this case and they act often as the legal adviser for the sheriff's office," said Scileppi.

The Guerena family lawyer also has a problem with the search warrant served at home, which was recently unsealed.

"I don't consider enough for even probable cause to execute the warrant, but it certainly doesn't paint Jose as the bad guy," said Scileppi.

Weeks ago, Michael Storie, the attorney for the SWAT team members said the officers were separated following the shooting. According to Scileppi, that wasn't the case.

"They should have been separated right away so they don't come behind the story.  They got together. They made mistakes and they made statements, initially.  They changed their statements," said Scileppi.

The next statement from Scileppi and his team is a notice of claim. Scileppi says if the claim is declined they will file suit.