My Life as a Weather Intern: Thursday, June 18

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PHOENIX – Thursday at Channel 3 I started my day by updating a few weather graphics while writing my forecast for the week.

Speaking of writing, the pressure is on! Chief Meteorologist Royal Norman said this update had to be AMAZING since I was having writers block Wednesday and ran out of time!

We have seen some pretty high temperatures this week, yesterday we saw a high of 110; things are going to cool down a little for the weekend with a high of around 102 degrees expected for Sunday.

Although, as Royal says, how cool can it really get with temperatures in the triple digits?

Temperatures are going to heat back up mid-week with highs near 108 and we can expect to see sunny skies all week with breezy conditions through Sunday.

Wednesday Royal showed me how to do his jet stream graphics that he hadn’t been using lately due to all the fire weather coverage.

I updated those graphics on my own Thursday and I think I did a pretty good job and they are the most fun of all the graphics I get to do.

I’ll be back in Friday afternoon with another update.