Arizona monsoon questions and answers

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- With our hot temperatures, the start of the monsoon can't come soon enough.

Wednesday was the official start of the monsoon, while rain is not in the immediate forecast for Southern Arizona, we should see it soon.

Monsoon rains are right around the corner. The first week of July is when we usually see them and experts say the way things are looking, they should be here on time.

"On average we see the monsoon come in the first week of July and that's what we're looking at right now," said Glen Sampson from the National Weather Service.

Wednesday that information and more was given at the Flandrau Science Center as meterologists and scientists got together to talk about recent droughts, the fires and, of course, the monsoon.

"Sometimes there are strong indicators so we can say, 'Okay we'll see above average for this time,' And we're not seeing that," said Sampson.

So what is going to look like out there this summer?

"For the monsoon season we're looking at equal chances of below normal, normal or above normal percipitation. Which means theres no strong indicators one way or the other that the monsoon's gonna come in early or not," said Sampson.

There's just no real way of knowing right now. High drought conditions, massive snow pack in the northwestern part of the U.S. all play a role in monsoon patterns.

How those those factors affect it are just too hard to predict.

Firefighters can't wait for some relief.

"When the monsoon does come in three humidity values go up and that's detrimental to fires," said Sampson.