Senior mobility study paints poor picture for Tucson

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PHOENIX, Ariz. -- A new report shows seniors in Arizona could face poor mobility options.

In Tucson, by the year 2015, at least 49% of the residents will be 65 or older. And according to the report, those people will live in an area where public transportation services are poor or non-existent.

"Boomers are going to be the big population and they need to either go out to work or socialize and public transportation is going to be a big issue for them," said Maria Ramirez-Trillo AARP Arizona.

"People age, they may have to limit their driving. They're just as competent, they probably have the same mobility, but our roads are more crowded them they used to be," said Jeannie Maldonado from the Pima Council On Aging.

The report, titled "Aging in Place: Stuck Without Options," is a push to help fix the problem of public transportation options for seniors.