More manpower headed towards Monument fire

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SIERRA VISTA, Ariz. -- Fire officials are sending more manpower to battle the growing Monument fire burning in the town of Hereford outside Sierra Vista. The flames have spread more than 3,000 acres and the fire remains zero percent contained.

"They've got hand crews in digging around the buildings and making sure those are safe their may be some back-burning today it just depends on weather conditions," said Denise Schultz from the National Park Service.

Crews were working on the ground and in the air Monday, trying to take down the human-caused monument fire. Fire officials quickly upgraded the incident to Type I, as the flames crawled closer to nearby communities.

Firefighters have sprayed the base of a mountainside with an orange fire retardant Monday and prepared to back-burn from that line in order to save nearby homes.

A plan is in place, but weather conditions and fire behavior could change everything in a moment's notice.

"The school where the Red Cross is setting we're not allowed to stay," said Old Timer.

Some evacuees claim they're not getting the information they need. A man who calls himself Old Timer says his family was turned away from the shelter.

No one was at the shelter Monday afternoon at Palominas Elementary. Old Timer stayed at a hotel, after initially ignoring evacuation orders. He described watching the flames as they came closer to his house.

"Swooshing like a freight train through our yard, ungodly. I would go to one window to try to get a picture with my camera and by that time it would be at the front of my house," said Old Timer.

Old Timer admitted he's a little frustrated, but says he understands the disconnect, given so many people are doing their best to save his home.

"I'm sure out of five or six hundred people they got up there a couple of them are a little tired and a little grouchy. Bottom line it's been great and these people are really hard workers," said Old Timer.

No homes have been lost to the fire and Burn out operations are underway to stop the flames from spreading.