President Shelton leaving the U of A

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- University of Arizona President Robert Shelton is leaving the school and he's going bowling.

Robert Shelton has been the president of U of A for the last five years. Monday he announced in a university news letter that he was leaving the school

"This was probably the most difficult decision I've ever had to make," said Shelton in the news letter. "But there always comes a point in life where you feel that it is time to try something new."

Shelton will be taking over as executive director of the Fiesta Bowl. Which brings two football games to phoenix, the fiesta and insight bowl. Recently the charity has had some difficult times, but they're hoping Shelton can get them back in the game.

"Doctor Shelton's impeccable record of integrity and his vast knowledge of collegiate academics and athletics are perfectly suited to restore trust and credibility with our volunteers," said the Fiesta Bowl Chairman of the Board in a statement.

On campus, it's a bit of a shock to students and faculty.

"Well I'm surprised. I hadn't heard anything about it whatsoever. Just today all of a sudden someone said something to me. He's the only president I have ever had in three years here. It's been a good student experience so far, so, its kind of sad to hear," said University of Arizona student Matthew Guarent.

President Shelton is credited with helping launch a medical school campus in phoenix, creating the Arizona assurance program and supporting veterans in getting back into the university. He has also had to deal with budget cuts.

"There's been some economic challenges for him its been a little bit of a tough road. He's had some hard jobs and some hard task before him overall he has done a fairly good job," said U of A Professor Edward Martin.

President Shelton will take over the leadership role of the Fiesta Bowl starting on August 1.

The Arizona Board of Regents says they've already formed a committee to name an interim president. They'll meet later this week to get an official search committee to name Shelton's successor.