5 Great summer reads

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PHOENIX -- Cindy Dach from the Changing Hands Bookstore made five recommendations for great books to read over the summer.

1) The Passage by Justin Cronin
This isn’t your typical vampire book. It’s a complex vampire mystery about a virus that nearly destroys the world, and a six-year-old girl who holds the key to bringing it back.

2) The Wake of Forgiveness by Bruce Machart
A tale of a father and the son, whose mother died while giving birth to him. The boy is on a mission to make up the loss to his father through his passion and talent for horseracing.

3) State of Wonder by Ann Patchett
A pharmaceutical researcher sets off into the Amazon jungle to find the remains and effects of a colleague who recently died under somewhat mysterious circumstances.

4) Talking to Girls About Duran Duran by Rob Sheffield
This hilarious and heartfelt collection of coming-of-age vignettes transformed into a page-turning memoir about a decade in the life of a young boy during the 1980s.

5) Divergent by Veronica Roth.
Another coming-of-age story of a 16 year old girl in a futuristic, dystopian Chicago, society is that is divided into five deeply divided factions based on the virtues of life.