Life as a weather intern and your daily forecast

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PHOENIX – Saturday I arrived bright and early at Channel 3 and started setting up the maps and weather graphics for Meteorologist Brittney Shipp. 

Things are heating up in the area and staying warm for the week; 105 degrees by Wednesday but we should be cooling off a bit toward the weekend with a high around 103. 

After I finished the graphics I worked on the teleprompter for the rest of the newscast. 

A lot of the broadcast focused on the Wallow Fire and a special report came up at the end of the show, a live briefing with fire officials discussing the state of the wildfire outbreak and management. 

Sunday was another early morning at Channel 3.

I got in at around 6:20 a.m. and started on the weather maps and graphics for the show. 

Meteorologist Brittney Shipp is forecasting some high temperatures for the week ahead, up to 106 mid-week and staying in the triple digits for at least for the next seven days. 

Once the broadcast started I headed into the sub-control room to do the prompter for the show. 

3TV is still heavily covering the Wallow Fire with winds forecasted to pick up later. The firefighters sure have their work cut out for them.

In the studio Chef Dad was making bacon-wrapped chilidogs and they smelled amazing! I’m going to have to try that recipe out but I think I may use ground turkey and some turkey bacon because that recipe definitely looked pretty intense.

I’ll be in later this week on Wednesday afternoon with Chief Meteorologist Royal Norman.