Bundgaard charged with assault involving ex-girlfriend

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PHOENIX – A local lawmaker faces assault and endangerment following a physical fight with his ex-girlfriend.

Sen. Scott Bundgaard was charged June 3 after he and his former girlfriend, Aubrey Ballard, were involved in an altercation on the side of a Phoenix freeway following a local Dancing with the Stars charity event on Feb. 25.

Bundgaard has been charged with one count of reckless assault and one count of endangerment. Both are misdemeanor charges.

Investigators said at the time that both Bundgaard and Ballard had marks indicative of a physical altercation.

Ballard was arrested the night of the incident but Bundgaard was not, citing a provision in the state Constitution that states legislators are immune from arrest in all cases expect treason, felon and breach of peace while Legislature is in session.

“I’m not immune from prosecution for any of this and the police and I had that discussion,” Bundgaard said at the time.

Bundgaard was the Senate majority leader at the time, but a Republican caucus removed him from that position two weeks after the incident.

The couple ended their seven-month relationship immediately following the altercation.

Read entire misdemeanor complaint.

Aubrey Ballard issued the following statement on June 10:

The night of February 25 remains painful for me. Not only the assault I suffered at the hands of a man I once loved, but Scott's insistence on blaming others and his failure to take responsibility for his illegal, abusive behavior.
Fortunately, the justice system has decided to hold Scott accountable. I support that decision wholeheartedly.
My thanks go out to the Phoenix Police Department, the city prosecutor's office and the five independent witnesses who spoke out, corroborating the facts of that night. I look forward to putting this awful incident into the past.

Sen. Scott Bundgaard's lawyer, Mark Goldman, issued the following statement:

Charging Scott with two misdemeanors makes it obvious they have no case and are merely trying to justify whatever time they spent during this extraordinarily prolonged investigation. ‘Reckless’ is a way to describe these charges and this investigation. Scott has maintained his innocence from the outset, even taking a successful lie detector test to reinforce this truth. He will be exonerated.