Park closures due to wildfire dangers

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Mount Lemmon is officially off limits. Rangers roped off picnic areas, camp grounds and road pull offs because of the extreme dry conditions.

It's closing time for the Coronado National Forest.

"It's really sad that it is closing.  I understand why they are doing it because some people just are not very smart," said visitor Pam Staples.

"While it's sad that it's going to be closed down and people won't be able to enjoy it, seeing how dry it is I can fully understand why.  I mean, it does look like a tinder box out here and it wouldn't take much to get it all on fire," said visitor Damon Gates.

Around noon, park rangers began closing off entrances to all of Mt. Lemmon's turn offs and camping sites.

Minutes before the park closed, visitors were taking in the views one last time until... who knows when.

"I'm sad because there are alot of people that are going to miss it, and in some way i'm happy because they are protecting something that's a national monument," said Staples.

"We're getting in our enjoyment while we can.  Getting in all the stops," said Gates.

Summerhaven and it's shops are still open as well as the ski lift. And Sabino Canyon's Visitor Center and paved paths are open during daylight hours.

Catalina State Park closed Thursday over concerns of more wildfires being accidentally started.

The park is closed due to Coronado National Forest restrictions. The national forest is adjacent to the park.

The Picacho Peak State Park also will be closed because of potential wildfires.