Greer homes update

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PHOENIX – Property owners ordered to leave Monday night have spent days wondering what's left so Thursday’s news is bittersweet because not everyone's prayers were answered with some homes lost, but most in Greer are still standing.

“Molly Butler's Lodge has been there 101 years,” says lodge owner Allan Johnson.
Thankfully it looks to still be there. Johnson has owned the historic Arizona landmark for the last few years and didn't want to leave. At first, he and lodge employees felt inspired to stick it out.
“If Molly was alive today she would stick it out to the end and I know that for a fact,” Johnson said. “She would do as much as she could to support the community and be there for everyone so we tried to carry that tradition on knowing that's what she would have done.”
But then people in Greer were left powerless and were forced to flee. “If someone had told me there was a fire rolling through Greer I think first to go in the trees on side of the hill I would have thought we'd be one of first to go,” said Kent Baker.
With fire crews evacuating too there was very little communication and even less information. “We were all just twiddling out thumbs wondering what happened,” Baker said.
That is until our chopper video showed them. “I'm like you got to be kidding me how did you pull that off,” said Baker who learned his home was safe while watching 3 TV.
"We know we aren't out of the woods and have two or three more days of concern and will watch it closely," Baker said.
Fearing Molly's fate, Allan also turned to 3 TV aerials. “Oh it made a world of difference to everybody,” said Johnson. “Oh it's absolutely a relief and absolutely yes we're still worried.”
Twenty-two homes in Greer have been lost and five others were damaged. There's still no word on whether Allan’s own cabin survived.
“A lot of history good times and memories created we're hoping it's there but more important people are safe.”