Life as a Weather Intern (Thursday)

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PHOENIX – Thursday at Channel 3 I worked with Meteorologist Brittney Shipp as Chief Meteorologist Royal Norman is out for the rest of the week because his son is graduating from college. Congratulations!

I started out my day updating a few of the graphics for the evening weather broadcasts.

It was a change of pace working with Brittney during a weekday; she uses a few different graphics in her broadcasts than Royal and I got to see how she puts her broadcasts together and the different sources she uses for some of her weather information and that was really interesting to learn from.

Things are heating up this week in Phoenix with highs in the triple digits starting Friday and sunny skies for the next seven days!

Brittney forecasted lighter winds and no Red Flag Warnings or Wind Advisories which is good news for everyone fighting the fires in the eastern part of the state.

During the broadcast I sat in the “sub” room, or sub-control room, where the staff runs the teleprompter and keeps the show running smoothly.