Stretch of River Road gets 'Green' illumination

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- It's a stretch of road in Tucson that's seen its share of accidents.

And Pima County Department of Transportation feels its tried just about everything.

A stretch of River Road just before Swan has not been friendly to drivers over the years. That's why they'll deal with construction for the next two days for something that could save their lives.

A miniature solar panel and light are encased in a self-contained unit to give drivers a better sense of the curves on a winding stretch of River Road.

About 12,000 vehicles go through a day and the curvy section near Swan has had 16 accidents in the past 3 years, 13 of them were at night.

"And a majority of them were cars running off the road and we said we got a problem here we've done everything we can with stripping on the street and with signage so we said we needed to do something else," said Priscilla Cornelio from the Pima County Department of Transportation.

The county will install lights which should illuminate the road at night thanks to the abundant sunshine we have during the day.

"We're gonna install them and we're going to analyze it for at least a year and see if it does reduce the crashes," said Cornelio.

If it does improve safety, Pima County will look into a grant to install markers at other locations.