Thursday's forecast

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PHOENIX -- Expect plenty of sunshine today here in the Valley of the Sun.

A high pollution advisory is being issued for Maricopa County today all because of our stagnant air mass.  This means it's a good idea to limit your time outdoors today, carpool if you can and if you must fill up your gas tank, it's a good idea to do so after dark.

The forecast high in Phoenix today is 98 degrees.  It will be breezy at times.

As for the Wallow Fire, it appears the winds will die down a touch in Eastern Arizona.  We expect sustained winds there out of the southwest between 14 mph and 17 mph.  Yes, winds will be gusty at times -- near 25 mph -- but that is an improvement compared to what Mother Nature delivered a few days ago.

According to fire officials, the lower wind speeds mean hot embers from the Wallow Fire will likely only travel only a half mile from the fire line instead of up to three miles as we saw a few days ago.