New Arizona law heightens fire fears

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- This July 4 will be the first that Arizona law has allowed fireworks.

Wildfires across Arizona continue to burn and firefighters across Arizona are concerned fireworks used without proper care or precaution will lead to injuries and more fires.

"That's when most fireworks are used and that's when most of the injuries happen, they happen within that 30 day window from June 19 to July 19," said Sean Culliney from Northwest Fire.

The window of time for firework purchases combined with the wildfires in southern Arizona has heightened the concern for local fire departments.

"In Southern Arizona its really kind of difficult to control because the ground is so dry, dry hot days fueled by wind and then we're putting fireworks in the mix," said Sean Culliney from Northwest Fire.

Northwest fire department's Sean Culliney explains how dry brush isn't just found in the forest but literally right in our backyard.

"The ladder fuels allow the fire to climb up off the ground where they start and get up into trees which then they're fed by the wind and they're fed by everything else to become a crown fire.  Which is what there dealing with up in the mountains right now," said Culliney.

For local fireworks company Big Fireworks the concern isn't that great as long as consumers follow their instructions.

"I think if people are responsible and follow the advice that we give them and the rules they have on the bags, its the responsibility of the people not to start fires not the fireworks," said Jeremy Zaslaw from Big Fireworks.

Culliney, who battled wildfires for ten years, says legal or not all it takes is one spark from a firework.

"The potential for injury, the potential for loss of structures, the loss of vegetation, the loss of the use of our forest," said Culliney.