Wallow Fire: Emergency ops center coordinates response

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PHOENIX -- Far away from the flames of the Wallow Fire, a team of people is working to make sure the resources are available to firefighters and those affected during and after the fire.

When you think of a fire, you think of firefighters. However, there are hundreds of others working behind the scenes to make sure the resources are available during and after the fires.

Arizona's Emergency Operations Center in Phoenix was activated Tuesday in response to all the fires burning statewide.

The emergency management team acts like a liaison to all the departments that get involve in fighting fires. They become the hub for information and have direct contact with the people managing fire suppression and then distribute that information and get the needed departments involved.

One of their main concerns right now has to do with livestock and pets left behind so they'll reach out to the appropriate departments to make sure those animals are taken care of.

However, when the fire is extinguished the emergency management's job really starts and it could last for several years.

"We deal with the consequence of the fire so this is really when the bulk of our work starts," said Judy Kioski of the Division of Emergency Management. "We're already looking ahead, saying are there some mitigation measures that we can take to minimize the flooding impact for that area that's been hurt by the fires."

They'll continue this operation as needed.