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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Host Bob Lee interviews David Bradley, CEO, La Paloma Family Services. The very best place for a child to be is in a family.  Unfortunately, there are too many kids who cannot safely live with their parents. A large number of these kids right now are with foster parents who have become the temporary family for them.  

Bradley says most of the children in Arizona who enter the foster care system go through at least three placements after separation from their family. He says the goal of La Paloma Family Services is to help kids take effective control over their lives.  He says most of the kids the agency serves come from the juvenile justice, child protective services and mental health systems. He said most of them have lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

Bradley says the La Paloma foster care program provides care for abused and neglected children from 0 to 18 years of age. He says foster parents are an integral part of the La Paloma continuum of services. He says the agency recruits families, facilitates the initial licensure process, and provides on-going support to licensed homes.

At La Paloma, Bradley says kids are taught how to integrate into our community as responsible citizens who are capable of being self directed people who can enjoy life in ways that are not harmful to themselves or exploitative of others. He says consistent relationships with caring adults make a significant impact on their lives. He says with counseling, shelter, support and stability, at-risk youth can be helped.