Trial continues for suspected Baseline Killer

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PHOENIX, Ariz. - Members of the jury heard about one of the first crimes that would be linked to the alleged "Baseline Killer," Mark Goudeau.

He's accused in a murder spree that terrorized the Valley for nearly a year. Tuesday was the second day in a trial expected to last about nine months.

In August of 2006, three young teens had just finished swimming at an apartment complex near 48th Street and Baseline. Tthey were walking near a gas station when a man walked up to them and told them he had just robbed a bank, according to the male witness.

The suspect, allegedly Goudeau, forced the three at gunpoint to go behind a church, pull their shirts over their heads so they couldn't see and pull their pants down.

The male witness, who was only 14 years old at the time, told the court that he was forced to lie facing the ground, while his friends were being molested.

After the attack they were told to leave.

Officer Steven Lochner, who was new to the force at the time, was one of the first to respond and talk to one of the female witnesses. "She was crying, very quiet and it took me a long time to get anything out of her because she was reluctant to give me any information.

Among the evidence introduced in court, a red long-sleeved shirt and part of a mattress, both found at the crime scene.

Fingerprints were not collected from the bigger items, a picnic table and file cabinet. "Several of the items that were there were not conducive to obtain fingerprint evidence. The surface texture has to be, just exact for it to be done," according to crime scene Detective Don Newcomer.

Defense attorney Randall Craig has said he will argue the lack of solid DNA evidence proves that his client is innocent.