Phoenix woman having trouble getting refund for cell phone

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PHOENIX - Like many of us, having a cell phone is important to Caylee Allphin, but earlier this year, she needed a new one.

"My niece broke mine," she laughed.

So, Caylee went to the Internet and ordered a new phone from a company called Straight Talk. Straight Talk mailed her a cell phone that she paid around $124.00 for. Unfortunately it didn't work very well.

"I was having issues with it so I called them and they were like 'Oh, well let's try this.'"

Caylee said it never did work, so Straight Talk told her to keep the phone and they would mail her another one just like it.
"So, they sent me a replacement and that one was even worse than the one that I originally had."

Because the second phone didn't work either, Caylee returned it to Straight Talk back in March. However, three months later, Straight Talk still hasn't refunded her the original $124.00 like they said they would.

Frustrated, Caylee contacted 3 On Your Side to see if I might be able to provide some help. So, I got involved.

In multiple phone calls and emails to Straight Talk, representatives always responded  quickly. They always apologized for the delay, but claimed the wrong ticket number postponed Caylee's refund. But even with my involvement and with the correct ticket number, Straight Talk can't seem to keep Caylee's account accurate; delaying her refund even further.

In their last communication to me, they apologized again and claimed they were giving Caylee a full refund for $69.99, which is half of what Caylee paid, not a full refund.

As for Caylee, she remains disgusted over the whole ordeal. Not only has she called Straight Talk countless times looking for help, but so has 3 On Your Side. Still, after three months, all Straight Talk representatives can do is apologize and promise a refund like they have so many times before.
"I keep getting the run around and when I talked to them the other night they said someone would call me in 24 to 48 hours. Nothing yet," she said.