State Police wrap up investigation on NOPD Deputy Chief

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NEW ORLEANS – The State Police investigation into high-ranking NOPD official Marlin Defillo has been moved to the hands of the NOPD.

Police officials say the State Police wrapped up its investigation into Defillo on Friday and handed the interim report to the NOPD.

After attorney Eric Hessler filed a Public Integrity Bureau grievance, the State Police opened an investigation as to Deputy Chief Defillo’s actions regarding the shooting death of Henry Glover and the NOPD’s involvement.

According to grand jury testimony, Defillo was told by a federal agent that NOPD officers were involved in the Glover shooting months before the NOPD actually began investigating.

Defillo has denied any wrongdoing.

The NOPD said it is “Now in the hands of the Public Integrity Bureau” and it can’t comment on an open investigation.