New HCG Diet formula at Regenesis Wellness works to lose weight

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PHOENIX - At Regenesis Wellness Center, they have a comprehensive HCG Diet weight loss program that gets results with the new formula they have available.

HCG is a hormone that pregnant woman produce in order to protect their baby from starving. HCG works to burn your fat.

At Regenesis Wellness, they found that patients were stating they got tired on the diet so they changed the formula. The HCG formula at Regenesis Wellness, Regen, has an energy booster to keep patients on track to lose weight along with being able to enjoy their active or busy lifestyle.

On the HCG Diet, patients are on around a 1,000 calorie food diet and with energy boost they are being able to maintain energy levels to work out.

According to Joel Mascaro with Regenesis Wellness, over 3,000 people die from obesity every year, so finding a solution like the HCG Diet can help people meet their weight loss goals.

Obesity is curable and preventable and starts with someone's diet. The HCG Diet might be the answer to help someone lose excess weight and improve what someone is eating.

The HCG Diet hormone will burn fat safely and given as a monitored program will give instant weight-loss results.

When you head to Regenesis Wellness, they will first perform diagnostic tests and then start a client on a cleansing diet.

A person can in just a few weeks time lose 18 to 24 pounds. The HCG Diet works quickly to lose that bit of weight people have a hard time getting off.

The Regenesis Wellness program assists a patient before and after taking the HCG hormone. As part of the whole HCG Diet program patients learn to make a lifestyle change in their bad eating habits.

Viewers can get $50 off the cost of the program for mentioning Your Life A to Z, just call and make an appointment

Regenesis Wellness also gives patients a manuscript for living and to help keep the weight off forever.