Wildfires force more than 200 miles of highway closures

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

STATEWIDE, Ariz. -- As a result of several major wildfires burning across the state of Arizona, the Arizona Department of Transportation closed more than 200 miles of highways in eastern and southern Arizona. There is no estimated time when the highways might reopen.
The Wallow Fire is burning in eastern Arizona, near Alpine. The following closures on state highways remain in effect in the area:

*Update: US  60 has reopened through Springerville.

*Update: portions of State Route 260 in Eager have reopened, but the roadway remains closed from Hawley Lake (milepost 269) to South Fork Junction (milepost 390).

*State Route 373, a 4.5 mile-long highway that connects the town of Greer in eastern Arizona with SR 260 west of Eagar, was closed Monday afternoon.

*US 191 is closed between Alpine and north of Clifton (mileposts 176-253).

*SR 261 and 273, the main access roads to Big Lake and Crescent Lake in the White Mountains, are closed. SR 261 is closed starting approximately seven miles south of SR 260 to Crescent Lake (mileposts 395-413) and SR 273 is closed between Sunrise Park and Big Lake (mileposts 383-394).

*US 180 is closed between the SR 260 junction near Eagar and the New Mexico state line (mileposts 403-433).
Two major wildfires are also active in southern Arizona, including the Murphy Fire, and the Horseshoe Two Fire. These closures remain in effect as a result:
*SR 289
is closed along mileposts 2-10, approximately two miles north of the Interstate 19 junction.

*SR 366 is closed at milepost 118 leading up to Mount Graham near Safford after the U.S. Forest Service determined the risk of wildfire is too extreme to allow access to the public.