Reptile Ramble aims to dispel snake myths

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- As the summer time approaches, our reptile friends come out and that can make many of us afraid.

But snake experts say there's nothing to be scared of.  Having snakes around is actually a good thing.

Every Friday from April to October the tour guides at Tohono Chul Park put on the Reptile Ramble to show visitors young and old, there's really no reason to be afraid of snakes.

"There's just a mythology that's perpetrated by our society, they see movies and TV shows where people are shooting snakes and running from snakes so they get this idea in their head that snakes are something to be afraid of," said tour guide Tom McDonald.

But before the snakes come out, the guides give a history lesson and informational session on snakes and reptiles. And when they finally make their entrance, myths about the mighty rattle snake are debunked.

"Rattling is a defensive mechanism to say stand back," said McDonald.  "Snakes are not interested in humans at all."

And that puts everyone a little more at ease.