Tequila Party wants to bring attention to immigration issues

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The Tea Party movement swept the nation over the last few years.  And now Latinos are trying do to the same, through a movement of their own, minus the tea.

It may take a shot of tequila, to change American politics.

Chances are you've heard of tequila, but how about the tequila party.

It's not the Tea Party yet, but it's a grassroots movement picking up steam. The goal has nothing to do with booze, they want to call attention to immigration issues and increase Hispanic voter turnout.

"The Hispanic population is growing, but their voting clout is not nearly commensurate with their numbers," said U of A Political Scientist Peter Goudinoff.

The U.S. Hispanic population is booming, rising steadily in recent decades.  Especially here in Arizona.

Arizona has also been the center of laws organizers say attack the Hispanic community. Things like SB 1070 and SB 2281.

That's exactly why Tequila Party organizers want to kick off the nationwide tour in Tucson.

But it's not clear if the movement has any staying power.

"Talk is cheap, what matters is results.  If you see increased registration, then yes it works,  Otherwise its just another flash in the pan," said Goudinoff.

At the very least, the party name is catching people's attention.

The Tequila Party kicks off its tour Tuesday night, from 6 to 9 P.M. at La Cocina in downtown Tucson.