Photos from inside Tucson home following SWAT shooting

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Photographs from inside the home of Jose Guerena show the aftermath of the 70 shots fired at him by the Pima Regional SWAT team.

The Pima County Sheriff's Department released over 1300 photos from the raid on his home and three others.

They say it was the result of a lengthy drug and money laundering investigation.

The photos show some of the $100,000 cash found at the homes and the small amount of marijuana.  Also, ledgers showing dollar amounts as well as names with dollar amounts underneath.

At Guerena's home the photos show the body armor found in the former marine's garage, plus the assault rifle he was holding with the safety on when he was shot.

Perspective shots show how far away Guerena was standing when the SWAT team opened fire.

Other documents released include interviews with the SWAT team and others involved in the investigation.

One lieutenant says the reason the raid was done at 9:30 A.M. was so that children would be at school and neighbors would be at work or otherwise awake.

He calls Jose Guerena the "muscle" of a large scale drug trafficking organization and that his family included suspects in home invasion robberies involving rifles.

And the SWAT member in front of the raid says he was briefed Guerena was linked to a murder.

The lawyer for the Guerena family says the new information released supports their case, which he plans to lay out next week.