Eagle American employees push Gary Harper

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PHOENIX - 3 On Your Side first told you about Eagle American about a month ago when viewers complained they were getting several unwanted telemarketing calls from the company. 

At the time a public records search failed to say anything about Eagle American but now 3 On Your Side knows more about the company. 

After Eagle American failed to contact me regarding our inquiries, we paid them a visit at 2012 W. Lone Cactus in North Phoenix.  

We're not quite sure if they greet everyone who walks through their doors this way, but when I did, I was physically pushed out the door.

Ed Rick says he's not surprised at the hostility. He says he bases his opinion on the countless phone calls he receives from Eagle American. "I continue to get calls from them even after I told them I am on the Do Not Call Registry. Obviously, they're just blatantly ignoring the laws out there."

As mentioned before, 3 On Your Side was unable to ascertain exactly what Eagle American was, until a viewer contacted me. "Right away, I was like "Oh, that's the company I used to work for."

We'll call him "John" who spoke to us as long as we hid his identity. "John" says Eagle American is a distributor for Kirby Vacuums, and "John" says he was one of many company employees who targeted consumers like Ed.

"We found out that if we mentioned Kirby people would slam their doors or hang up the phone or what not."

It turns out Eagle American is run by a guy named Don Burkhardt who has been selling Kirby's for years under different company names before settling on Eagle American.

3 On Your Side has discovered that the Arizona Attorney General's Office sued one of his previous Kirby Distributorships for violating the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act.

The Attorney General eventually settled the case and fined the company $35,000 and ordered the company to reimburse $20,000 to victims.

"John" says, "He (Burkhardt) changes the business name so that when he gets reported he'll change the business name to make it easier for him to go back to his old tricks."

3 On Your Side tried several times contacting Don Burkhardt and Eagle American but when our calls weren't returned, we paid them a visit but our welcome was a little chilly.

As I enter the building, I am immediately confronted by two women who shout, "Get out. Out of my office, please!  Get out!”

We were on our way out except one of the women gives me an aggressive two-handed push out the door to which I said, “If you touch me again, I'm going to file charges!"

After our visit neither Burkhardt nor any of his employees called 3 On Your Side back.

Rest assured, "John" says they're probably back to burning up the phones targeting consumers and trying to sell their Kirby vacuums. "Just don't answer, if it comes up as Eagle American, just don't answer."

More information on Attorney General's Office, Federal Communications Commission or the Do Not Call Registry.