Volunteers spruce up Mt. Lemmon

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- About 50 volunteers went on an excursion Saturday to spruce up Mt. Lemmon.  It was all part of National Trails Day.

They did it for the love of the outdoors and to conserve their environment.

They grabbed some tools, some gloves, and started up Bigelow Trail.

The Southwest Conservation Corp, REI and dozens of volunteers worked to clear pathways and protect other areas.

"Taking areas where it's overgrown with shrubs and things like that and brushing that back so the trail is more visible and accessible to folks.  Also, clearing the trail of logs that have fallen over and moving them to the side," said Scout Phillips from the Southwest Conservation Corps.

Volunteers are also blocking off what's called social trails. It's wear and tear caused by hikers who cut corners.

REI helped gather the group of nature lovers eager to step out and clean up.

"It really was a simple matter of getting the information out there, providing some great tools for folks and feeding them," said Eric Piper from REI.

Getting down and dirty doesn't require technical prowess.  Just a desire to enjoy the scenery, and roll up your sleeves.

For some volunteers, combining community service with something they love is a no-brainer.

Networking and exercising aside, the effort enhances the outdoors experience for others while celebrating the environment.