Sky Harbor TSA protest video goes viral - but is it real?

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX - The video shows a middle-aged Valley woman in the middle of a security checkpoint pat-down screaming, "I want an officer!  I can't believe she just touched my breasts. This is illegal!"

The woman's husband and son witnessed it all and her son, 25-year-old Ryan Miklus, recorded it on his phone.  

Miklus says his mother chose a pat-down instead of the screening machine but believes the agent went too far.

The incident happened over the Memorial Day weekend but already, as of Friday night, 350,000 people had viewed the video on YouTube.  

Sky Harbor Airport officials call the whole thing a hoax by 'a family of actors.' 

A spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration agreed, saying they reviewed the pat-down of Miklus' mother and the agents followed proper procedure.