Social Security forum at Tucson's Beacon Group Center

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The benefits of Social Security was the topic of discussion at the Beacon Group Center.

The issue can be a little confusing and the group at Thursday's event was looking to get a little clarity.

It's was a large group packed into the Beacon Center but each person was looking and listen for individual answers.

"I work for people with developmental disabilities and need more information for them, to see about Social Security disability benefits and what the requirements are," said attendee Kathleen Cranford.

A series of speakers looked to educate the crowd on a variety of issues related to Social Security.

Since the economy is still recovering it's a system more and more people find themselves having to rely on more and more.

Most of the crowd felt satisfied with the information they received.

Due to the large crowd at Thursday's event, some people were turned away, but another Social Security forum is expected to be held in the fall.