James Van Praagh - 'Growing Up in Heaven'

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PHOENIX -- Well-known medium James Van Praagh, who produced the hit TV drama "The Ghost Whisperer," has a new book out in which he talks to and follows the spirits of children who have died.

Van Praagh stopped by 3TV Friday morning to chat with Tara Hitchcock about the book "Growing Up in Heaven."

It's an emotional subject. Parents who have lost children often grieve for years.

"It's the worst scenario on this physical earth that I've dealt with in 30 years of doing this," Van Praagh said. "It's feels so unnatural [for a parent to bury a child]."

Van Praagh said "Growing Up in Heaven" looks at the same tragic scenario "from the perspective of a soul."

According to the renowned medium, everybody, including children, leaves his or her body at their destined time.

"A child will leave their body, but they're always around," he said. "They go to their memorial services and their funerals -- always. They are very much more with you in spirit than they are in the physical because they'll always be with you.

"They are very, very much part of your life. They influence things. They want you to know that they're around you. They'll send you signs. ... There are many different ways they'll try to get through to you."

One common thing among children who have died, Van Praagh said, is that they never want their parents to grieve.

“They don’t understand because they’re very much alive, but their parents think their dead,” he explained. “There is no death. There’s no such thing as death. They want their parents to know that they’re all right.”

In “Growing Up in Heaven,” Van Praagh shares his experiences with children in the spirit world and the families they left in the physical one.

“Children are wonderful teachers,” Van Praagh said. “We have lifetimes together. We have many, many lifetimes. I believe we come back in soul groups and soul families, and we have to go through various lessons on this earth …. Some of those lessons are leaving a little early. Sometimes those children have to pass into the spirit world so that the connection can be made and help the loved ones on Earth.”

At the very end of the segment, mom-to-be Kaley O’Kelley joined the conversation.

“I feel a boy,” Praagh said when asked about her baby. O’Kelley has not yet learned the sex of her child, but both she and Hitchcock agreed.

“You’re going to have another one, too.” he said. “Good! This is good! I like hearing this!” O’Kelley happily responded.

According to Van Praagh, baby No. 2 will arrive within two years.

Van Praagh will be signing copies of "Growing Up in Heaven" tonight at Dobson High School Auditorium, 1501 W. Guadalupe Road, Mesa. General seating begins when doors open at 6:30 p.m.; the event is at 7 p.m.

For more information, call Changing Hands Bookstore at 480-730-1142. For more information about Van Praagh, visit www.VanPraagh.com.