Medical marijuana patients turning to caregivers for medicine

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PHOENIX – With the state health department suspending the medical marijuana dispensary application process, medical marijuana patients have only two options to get their medicine legally.

They have to either grow it themselves or get it from a caregiver. For many of the patients, growing marijuana is too time consuming and very expensive.

A growing operation can range in price from $600 to $10,000 so they're turning to caregivers.

3TV spoke to one caregiver who spends four hours a day checking on his plants because of the ongoing legal issues between the state and the federal government.

He didn't want 3TV to identify him but he knows there's still a chance he could get into trouble with the federal government by growing, but said he does it anyway because, "There are patients out there who need medicine and don't want to grow it themselves."

Caregivers are licensed through the state and legally not supposed to make a profit selling the cannabis. They're only supposed to cover the cost of their operation and if they're caught overpricing the medicine, they could lose their license forever.

Caregivers can only sell to medical marijuana card recipients as well.