Life of a Weather Intern: Day 2

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PHOENIX – Today is my second day at Channel 3 and I received my first assignment to make my own forecast for the week.

I forecasted sunny skies for the next seven days with temperatures warming up into the weekend, possibly reaching 105 degrees on Sunday and then staying near the 100 mark through Thursday.

Chief Meteorologist Royal Norman checked it with his and gave it his stamp of approval so I was able to put those numbers into the forecast for the evening news.

I did the graphics for the broadcast pretty much on my own today and got them done even faster than Royal can put them together so I think I’m catching on to it.

Today a big story in Arizona is the Wallow Fire which continues to grow.

I learned a bit about the fire from Royal, such as how the winds, temperature and dew point affect its growth, while he made a map graphic of the fire for the evening news.

That was very interesting to learn about because I didn’t know much about how wildfires and forest fires burned before today. It has been a very interesting and educational day at Channel 3 and I’m looking forward to tomorrow!