Man has problem with Priceline

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PHOENIX – "My mother's 87 and lives alone back in Ohio."

Omar Pearson says he worries about his mom, especially when he recently received some troubling news about her. "My sister told me that my mother had fell and broken her arm."

Omar logged on to in hopes of finding an inexpensive airline ticket to see his mom.

"I had heard before through someone to do," Omar said. "If you want to fly right away, you don't have to pay as much usually."

Priceline allows consumers to name a price they can afford. Priceline then either accepts the bid or declines it. Omar punched in what he wanted to spend on an airline ticket.

"With the fees, I think it came out to $255." But Omar said the website had a difficult time retaining his bid so he called to see if his bid was accepted or not.

After he got a hold of someone at Priceline "[The representative] goes, 'I'm sorry but that didn't go through.'"

Omar said he tried again later, but he was still having problems with the website so he called Priceline again.

Omar said he spoke to the representative again and she said, ‘I'm sorry, and like I said neither one of your transactions went through and your card will not be billed’."

However the next day, Omar got a phone call from an airline representative telling him his flight had been cancelled and moved to 1 p.m.

"I said 'What?' I couldn't believe it. I'm going, 'What flight?'"

Omar said he made other travel plans after he thought Priceline didn't accept his bid. He didn't want to pay twice for an airline ticket, so Priceline told him, ‘I'm sorry, we can cancel it for you for $150’."

That didn't sit well with Omar, so he contacted 3 On Your Side and disputed the matter with his credit card.

As a result, told 3 On Your Side that the matter is resolved and they will not fight the dispute with Omar's credit card company.

Omar says he is relieved but reluctant to book through the Internet again.