Do you really need a new car?

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PHOENIX – High gas prices are making consumers ask, "Should I be getting a newer, more fuel-efficient car?"

Well, not exactly because financially, that could be a big mistake.

According to, there are other car-buying mistakes to avoid as well.

First and foremost, decide if you need a newer car. Filling up at the pump may be painful but you'll have to figure out if a car payment really makes financial sense.

If you do take the plunge, do your research and don't casually stop in to a dealership to look at cars. That's the best way to get pushed into something by high-pressured salesmen.

Also, finance through your bank or credit union. Dealers frequently have higher interest rates.

Deal with the internet sales department. They are usually salaried and don't work on commission.

And watch what you say. Claim to love a car and your negotiating strategy just imploded.

Finally, make sure you're not buying options you won't use. Do you really need heated seats in Phoenix? Probably not.