Davis-Monthan Lt. Gen. hanging up his hat

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- After more than 3 decades, a Lieutenant General of the Air Force is hanging up his hat.  

There was a serious tone on a day of goodbye at Davis-Monthan

"It's a wonderful day for myself and my family as we culminate 33 years of service in the United States Air Force," said Lt. Gen. Spears.

Lt. Gen. Glenn Spears retired from the Air Force Wednesday.

After 33 years, 17 different assignments and 19 homes, it's time to call it quits.

"The comraderie is, I'm confident, what we will miss.  It is a very close community of airmen, of all the service members who have volunteered to serve this nation. That may take some time to hit me," said Lt. Gen. Spears.

His daughters grew up not knowing life outside the military.  Now 25, the general's daughter Kristin thinks it's nice to see her parents finally settle down.

"It means I wont have to mapquest my home for Christmas.  And it will be a place they can finally hang pictures on the walls and not have to caulk and paint back over them when they leave," said Kristin John.

The general and his wife Kim will move to Atlanta, closer to their girls.

The Vice Commander will take over while a new general is approved by both the President and congress.

As the general says his goodbyes and thanks his collegues, his military career ends in place where it all started.

"My active duty started in Arizona, and its ending here in Arizona," said Spears.

"I think we'll go on a lot of vacations and I think my mom will move the furniture a lot," said Kristin John.

Spears says it's not rare for a general to retire without a replacement general waiting in the wings.

He says the President and Congress are busy with far bigger issues right now, but will get to it soon.