Tucson's World Care sends supplies to Joplin

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- As the people of Joplin, Missouri begin to pick up the pieces of their homes and lives after last week's destructive tornados, Tucsonans begin to lend a helping hand and want the victims to know, help is on the way.

"Sometimes I think, 'You know, maybe they're not going to help because they're tired,' but they keep stepping up to the plate and I thank them all for doing what they do," said Lisa Hopper from World Care.

Tucson seems to step up in times of disaster.  After tornados devastated the community of Joplin, they've done it again.

World care is getting ready for numerous shipments to start going out.

Supplies of food, toiletries and clothing have been coming in steadly the last few days. Making the supply room at World Care's facility in Tucson a busy place.

World Care is asking for more food and hygiene products as they begin the trek out to joplin to start delivering supplies.

"I can't just sit and watch it on TV and not feel like I can't do anything about it.  Even if it's just a few boxes, it makes me feel good," said World Care volunteer Patti Keating.

The first truck shipment should arrive Wednesday or Thursday.  World Care plans on having to send three or four more truck loads in the coming days.