Tucson man thanks firefighters who brought him back from brink of death

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Weeks ago, William Moore wasn't alive.  His heart stopped beating at home for 25 minutes.

William's daughter-in- law performed CPR on him until paramedics got there. They continued CPR, and shocked his heart multiple times.

Almost half an hour went by before he came back.

"I was wondering protocol-wise when do you say, 'That's enough.'  And I'm grateful they kept on going. Obviously it worked," said Moore.

Friday, William stopped by Station 10 to say thanks to the crew who saved his life.

Doctors can't determine what happened. He didn't have a heart attack and all his tests were clean.

He has no complications from the 25 minutes he was dead.

He's just happy to be alive and with his family.

"I find myself reflecting, remembering my father.  And I'm glad they didn't have to feel that," said Moore.