Tucson SWAT attorney talks about recently released material

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Twenty-four hours after the Pima County Sheriffs Department released audio and video tapes plus 500 pages of details on the May 5 SWAT shooting that took the life of Jose Guerena, the lawyer representing the 5-member SWAT team broke his silence on the report.

The video released by PCSD shows a very intense scene.

"Well I was glad that these things were being released because things I have been saying all along were shown in the video tape and showed up on the audio tape," said attorney Mike Storie.

Storie represents the SWAT members involved in the shooting in early May.

More than 70 shots were fired at Jose Guerena who was armed with a rifle officers later determined had the safety on.

"The shield operator who is crouched down, falling backwards.  They interpret that as him being shot. They cordoned in front of him and lay surpressive fire to pull him out, so that's why it continues," said Storie.

According to the detailed incident report, PCSD detectives found, numerous bullet holes in the living room walls and 69 shell casings outside the home two more inside, all from the SWAT team.

Reports show that in an interview with vanessa guerena she said she didn't know anything about the rifle in her husband hands or the one found under their mattress.

"She initially told officers that there were no guns in the house.  Now we know, he was holding a gun and there were other guns found in the house. So she was clearly lying," said Storie.

Storie believes that despite the new details, a lawsuit will still be filed.

"I expect a lawsuit to be filed. People are always looking for money in these type of situations, mostly the lawyers, and so I would think that they will try to get money, but I don't see it,"