Kids Water Games

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Even if you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, there’s nothing like playing water games when you have a group of kids or family together.  Getting drenched can make you laugh and cool you off all at the same time.  So, I tested out some fun ways to get drenched and laugh a lot all without a backyard pool.

Here are a few guaranteed to keep the kids soaked and active!

The Water Octopus

An empty plastic soda bottle (with label removed).  Keep the top, you’ll need it.
A sharp tool to make some holes in it (I used a drill, but an ice-pick or even a knife will work fine)
Make one hole at the top of the bottle, and several near the bottom.  Get outside, because you’re about to make a wet-mess!  Fill the bottle halfway with water, put on the top of the bottle.  Now, show the kids how if you put your finger over the top hole – the water flow stops!  Little ones will have a blast with begin able to control the water.

Fill-er Up!

Get ready to get really wet in this race to fill the cups.
All you’ll need is a squirt bottle, a bucket or bowl and plastic cup for each team of two kids.

The goal is to be the team that has the most water in their bucket at the end of the game.

One player stands a set distance from their teammate holding the cup at their chest.  The other player uses the spray bottle to fill the cup.  When time is up they empty their cup into the bucket and switch roles.  At the end of time, the team that collected the most water wins.

It’s FREEZING Hot Out Here!

This is a great challenge for older kids, especially boys.  A couple of days before, take a t-shirt for each team of two, soak it with water, put in a zip lock bag and freeze it solid for a couple of days.

When ready to play, tell the kids they are each getting a frozen shirt and they need to work in teams to defrost the shirt (you can set the rules such as can they use the hose etc.)  Then one player has to put on the shirt to win.  The teammates alternate in 15-second intervals as the shirt melts!

And remember, a $5 kiddie pool, household items and couple sponges and homemade bubbles can mean tons of fun for the pre-school set!

Here’s a great homemade bubble solution recipe…

The secret is Karo Syrup and letting it set overnight.

3 cups water
½ cup light corn syrup
1-cup dish soap (Dawn or Joy work best)

Mix gently and let it set overnight.

This makes much better bubbles than the store-bought stuff.

Have a wet and wild time, everyone!