Pop-up restaurants: The new 'it' thing for foodies!

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PHOENIX -- If you're a foodie, then you're probably one of those people who likes to try new places to eat every week. There is a new place in downtown Phoenix where you can dine and try a different, brand-new menu of food every weekend.

It's called Cycle.

“This restaurant is a lot of fun," said Tim Sprague, the owner of the Lexington Hotel. He decided to mimic the "pop-up restaurant" concept that has become incredibly popular in Los Angeles.

"This past weekend we had southern Italian," Sprague explained. "It changes from week to week.”

Over the next 13 weeks, there will be a different choice of foods, different chefs, virtually 13 different places to eat.

"We acquired the hotel in January," Sprague said. "Our goal is to turn it into an arts-focused hotel. Our idea was to come in and do something that would cycle through the transition of what we were doing."

Cycle will be open during the hotel’s renovation, serving adventurous foodies until the Lexington’s official restaurant is conceptualized and built. That's going to happen some time in August.

Until then, different restaurants will be popping up weekly at Cycle between now and August.

“We are going to have a new chef here every week," Sprague said. "It's really cool because we've got people who have come back three weeks in a row and it's a new  and different experience. We will cycle through this little evolution until we start the remodel."

To find out more about Cycle, including the schedule, check out CyclePhoenix.com.

The Lexington Hotel is located at 1100 N. Central Ave., Phoenix.