May 2011 cooler than normal

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PHOENIX – As I write this, it’s Memorial Day so the fractions will change but not the overall story. May 2011 was cooler than normal in Phoenix.
The average high, 91.4 degrees, is 2 ½ degrees below normal. The average low, 66.2, is one degree below normal.
Interestingly, last May also featured temperatures below normal. We got .01” of rain. On an average May, we get .16” of an inch of rain, so we were below on that, too.
The outlook for June, and the outlook for the monsoon for that matter, has not changed.

The climate prediction people are forecasting above normal temperatures and about normal rainfall.  But guess what. The May we just finished up was supposed to be warmer than normal.

It’s a pretty good indication that long-range forecasts are problematic for the desert Southwest, especially as we get into the summer months.
In the shorter term over the next couple of weeks it appears we’ll still be impacted by storms riding the polar jet, something that’s pretty unusual this time of year.

That means we can look for temperatures to go on a bit of a rollercoaster ride until that jet is pushed north for the summer.
DVR Alert: Our monsoon special airs Wednesday, June 8 at 6:30 pm.